Who are you and why do you care?


i am taylor trax. Tay if I like you, tates if I love you and taylor if I don’t know you or well I guess I’ll just be blunt here..I don’t like you. Which is very hard for me to really dislike someone, so if I do it’s because you suck and you have probably crossed a non drama mama. I have better things to worry about like my fiancé, named Kyle and our 2 yr old named Brody Harris. He is a gem and the cutest little dude ever, and while their not with me and I most likely finishing the dishes or working on my business. I am an independent stylist for Stella and Dot for about 2 years now and it’s changed my life in so many ways to actually sit and think about it has really broke me out of my shell and has allowed me to be comfortable with who I am as a 25 year old blond basket case with OCD but I promise I am a great person, well try to be. Realizing and understand that it’s okay if people don’t care for you not everyone will. Even though your like what! I’m awesome how can’t you like me? Trust me I asked myself the same thing but to me a lot of people are to quick to judge and you lose out on potential life long friendships and just living life non-miserable. I am starting this blog, well back to my bluntness to of course show you how to be one stylish chick even though I am sure you are I can just help enhance that because I never in my life would ever support or advertise something I thought was a joke and Stella and dot is the complete opposite of a joke it’s the real deal, awesome, amazing and it’s not to good to be true it’s just that great and second of all because I like to think I live a little bit of an interesting life and I decided why not combine a blog about a bunch of stuff you’d go to 3 different websites to find or just random tips and tricks for anywhere from the household to the work place to starting a business yourself in direct sales and along  the way you get to know more about my  weird fantastic self, my awesome friends ( later on I’m sure) , cool misc things that you didn’t know you wanted or needed until you see it, my family and of course my own little family. Oh. And also just in case you care which you should, diesel is our boxer he is 2 and my furry baby. Him and my son are like best buds so it’s adorable and worked out great.

Oh I am from the mitten, outskirts of Detroit in Warren, Michigan and it’s my home, I have tried moving and it didn’t last long my heart is just here no matter how many times I complain, I earned the right to do so. So there.

Hmmm what else. Black is my favorite color and when I get that response that black isn’t a real color cmon pick a real color I instantly want to give you a wedgie and crop dust you don’t question it..And no I am not sad or emo of any sort just think like it.

trends I am obsessed with;

destressed boyfriend jean

destressed skinny jeans

CAMO.CAMO.CAMO. > just please don’t ruin it use your stylish brain and if not by a few blog posts in you’ll have some ideas I think/hopefully that you’ll like.

Olive green is just hot.

Jumpsuits/ bodysuits. / obvious obsession.

Oh and I drink 2, 2 liters a day of Pepsi/Coke and no one will stop me until my stomach lining does so save the pop lecture. It makes me happy and I don’t ask for much. Also I love crackers and cheese probably could live off of it but not recommended.

Well if that wasn’t to random and to much  info that your like um no well either please reconsider lmao! Or I guess I’ll catch ya on the flip.

But I have high hopes for goldfish and gems.

Let’s see if i am right! Fingers crossed and everyone goodnight!!!

And to my gorgeous friends who got married tonight #KUREKWEDDING I love you both, make gorgeous babies soon. Xoxo